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    2016/2017 Annual Report:

    This Committee expanded its services, offering comprehensive lawyer assistance to help members who are experiencing a broad range of problems and personal concerns such as: alcohol; drugs; mental health; stress; family; and wellness issues. It received more than 100 referrals to assist judges, attorneys, and others in the legal community who have trouble in their professional or personal lives annually. The Committee also offered orientations and trainings to the law schools and legal community on the Lawyer Assistance Program, wellness, mental health, substance abuse, stress management, and compassion fatigue by offering presentations, support groups, and panel participation. It provided monthly tip sheets to educate the legal community on a variety of topics, and held monthly core group meetings and quarterly business meetings to identify, facilitate, and support those experiencing problems.



    Committee Roster


    For a full roster of committee members, visit the MSBA Member Directory.

    Jay Miller

    William Simmons

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